About Vanzotec

Vanzo Communication Inc. headquartered in Shanghai was established in April 2010. Vanzo has been developing to an enterprise with over two hundreds of employees, and owns more than 100 independent intellectual property rights. Vanzo is a rapid growing company in high-tech industry with highest customer satisfaction and awarded Shanghai high-tech enterprise qualification.

The main business of Vanzo is mobile intelligent terminals design and manufacture, covering a number of brand clients and operators in Southeast Asia, South America and Europe. Vanzo also began to deploy the intelligent terminal products line in 2014,which have been applied in multiple industries and will segment the portfolio of special communication products in the future.

As the development strategy of Participating in the army and police deepens, Vanzo has expanded the business to the fields of security positioning equipments, non-standard military products, smart phones and intelligent wearable products since 2018. Vanzo has quickly entered the data link products market such as mesh data communication machines through the independent R&D, and will develop towards the most advanced technology - quantum communication.

Vanzo is committed to become a century enterprise and ten-billion company, and will continue to maximize the shareholder interests, take standardized management as the yardstick and provide high-quality products to our partners and customers.


Vanzotec accurately locates the market, grasps the trend of the times, focuses on the research and development of the main board, and continues to break through innovation. It aims to create a wide range of motherboard design for customers and provide a unique and innovative program.

Mobile Phone

Vanzotec has been paying close attention to customer needs, keeping up with market trends, from component selection to design, from system function optimization to program compilation support, and always strives to create value for customers. Focus on customer needs.


Vanzotec has been studying cell phone encryption technology for many years, and through the combination of quantum technology and classic security technology, he has created a safe communication system for customers to create a safe and comfortable experience.


With precise matching of component selection, design and system programs, Vanzotec creates endless possibilities for mobile phone manufacturing from screen effects, dual-frequency GPS positioning and ultra-high resolution camera functions.

OOS Platform

The OOS platform uses object-oriented ideas in software development, abstracts it into concrete, guarantees the reliability and maintainability of the software, and is committed to providing you with the best experience.

Customer Service

Vanzotec always aims at providing users with excellent product solutions, constantly exploring and advancing, aiming at improving user satisfaction, constantly innovating breakthroughs and leading the industry trend.


Technical Team

With more than 2,000 employees, Vanzotec has more than 100 independent intellectual property rights and is qualified as a high-tech enterprise and software company in Shanghai. It is one of the fastest growing independent R&D high-tech companies in the industry.

The core technical team members are from Longqi Technology, MediaTek, Huawei, Tencent, Jinli, Huaqin Communication, etc. They have rich experience in communication product development and R&D innovation.


Operational Capability

Vanzotec currently has a number of placement and assembly plants in Shenzhen and Pingxiang, focusing on the development and processing of MID and smartphones.

With 11 SMT high-speed production lines with a patching capacity of 40 million points per day, it can simultaneously meet the order volume of 2 million smartphones per month. It has 15 assembly lines and 8 packaging lines to meet the order volume of 1.5 million smartphones per month.


R & D Capabilities

Vanzotec always regards quality as the most important management factor in the development strategy, and is committed to establishing a zero defect quality prevention system and customer-oriented process system.

Based on the concept of customer first, starting from the analysis of customer needs, we have established a whole set of links throughout the product development management, supply chain management, production process management, product testing, marketing and sales to after-sales service.

Hot Products

Core Team


Junming Liu

Company Founder / Chairman / General Manager & Vice Chairman of Kaile Technology

EMBA of China Europe International Business School, worked in Longqi Technology for smart phone research and development. In 2010, Shanghai Fanzhuo Communication Technology Co., Ltd. was founded. In 2015, the company joined the listed company Kaile Technology Group. At present, he is the chairman and general manager of Vanzotec and the vice chairman of Kaile Technology.


Lei Shi

Deputy General Manager & Deputy General Manager of Kaile Technology

He has served as a senior manager of Lucent, Nokia, Longqi Technology, etc., and is in charge of software product development. In 2011, he joined Fan Zhuo as a deputy general manager. In 2015, Fan Zhu joined Kaile Technology and served as deputy general manager of Kaile Technology. He is now responsible for the development and management of Kaile military industry.


Ming Yang

Deputy General Manager & General Manager of Marketing Center

He has worked in Jinli Communication and Dingwei Communication. He has been engaged in research and development and sales management. He has more than 15 years of experience in the communication market and has rich management experience. He joined Fan Zhuo in 2013 and is currently in charge of the management of the company's marketing center.


Fei Wang

Intelligent and IoT Business Unit CEO

He has served as a senior manager of Longqi Technology and is responsible for software product development. He joined Vanzotec in 2014 and is currently the CEO of the Smart and IoT Business Unit. He is solely responsible for the management of the business unit.


Qingzhan Zhang

Overseas Business Unit R&D General Manager

He has served as the core R&D personnel of Longqi Technology and Lianxin Technology, and is in charge of driver software development. In 2010, he joined Shanghai Fanzhuo and became one of the earliest members of the company's start-up team. He is currently the R&D manager of the overseas business unit and is solely responsible for the R&D management of the business unit.